Headed through the snow of New Mexico! - 03/08/2012

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UFO theme at the credit union

Today we headed out of Roswell, New Mexico, and on to Arizona!  Yesterday we wore shorts and flip-flops, however, today, the weather made a quick change - snow was blowing in! We were surprised!  It wasn't too bad, though, and we were able to keep driving.  The scenery was beautiful all along the way.  It was funny to see all of the 'alien' stuff around Roswell. They certainly play that up for the tourists!

Light post downtown

We passed through Apache territory where there were several casinos, ski resorts, and a racetrack.  While passing through this area, Ruidoso Downs, we saw the Billy the Kid National Scenic & Historic Byway Visitor Center

We stopped by here and learned a lot about the legendary figure, Billy the Kid. He was from this area, and his famous escape from the jail in Lincoln County, New Mexico.  Had the signs going west been better (apparently they are great going east!), we would have known that you could tour the whole area that made Billy the Kid famous.  

Jamie Stroud

The lady that ran the center, Jamie Stroud, was very nice and taught us a lot about the area.  The center had a timeline of the fights between the merchants in the area and how Billy the Kid played into it all.  We thoroughly enjoyed are time here.  Before we left, the kids threw tiny snow balls at each other and their dad!

Tiny snow balls

We drove to Las Cruces to stop for the night.  Tomorrow it's Arizona!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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