Oklahoma City, OK - Day 1 - 03/27/2012 - Part 1

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Giraffe - Chrissy's Favorite!!

Today was a fun, busy day. We went to the Oklahoma City Zoo and to the Science Museum Oklahoma, which are located conveniently next to each other.  Jim didn't join us at the zoo...it was his turn to be sick.  We hated to leave him there, but he insisted we go on ahead, and hoped to join us at the science museum later in the day (which he did!).

I had to break the blog posts into two parts.  There were just so many pictures from the zoo that I wanted to include that it had to be broken apart. Otherwise you would be waiting forever for the pictures to load.  So PLEASE make sure you go to the Photo Gallery and look at all of the pictures.

Michael's buddy the Orangutan
The Oklahoma City Zoo is hands-down the best zoo I have ever been to.  It was clean, with wide-open spaces, lots of animals, and extra activities to participate in.  If you are a regular reader of our blog, you know I don't often say "Don't Miss It" about somewhere we've been, but this is definitely one not to miss.  The admission wasn't ridiculously priced and I can say I felt like we got our money's worth.

We first explored the house where they keep the rhinoceros during the night.  I  imagine it can get pretty cold in Oklahoma City, so they keep some of the animals from warmer climates inside at night and during the winter.  They were just letting them outside when we got there, so we got to see them in both parts.

Beautiful, crazy peacocks

The crazy peacocks were roaming around and squawking at everything. They were so pretty, though, and we were able to get much closer to these than those at the Roswell, NM, city zoo we visited

Chrissy feeding her Giraffe!

The next order of business was to head to the giraffe habitat.  I did not tell Chrissy that this zoo has a giraffe feeding that visitors can participate in.  For $3, you get two to three large lettuce leaves to hand feed to the giraffe.  So this was a must-do for us - and a surprise for Chrissy.  Anyone who knows Chrissy even a little bit knows she loves her giraffes (pronounced girafee-ee).  She's loved them since we went shopping one time when she was about two and found a wooden one she fell in love with.  I think Michael saw the sign first and told her.  She literally squealed with delight.

Rachael's turn

Michael's turn

So we all fed the giraffe.  It was really neat.  The giraffe was a male that was about 12 years old.  His tongue would wrap around the lettuce leaf if he didn't think you were moving fast enough.  His tongue was rough like sandpaper, and easily a foot long.  There was a baby giraffe, that wasn't out at the time, that was just born in January.  He was already over 6 feet tall.

Momma and baby
We went through all of the other habitats.  The second best thing, after the giraffe, was the new elephant exhibit, which was just opened about a year ago.  It is a nice, huge area for the elephants - over 9.5 acres.  There were a couple of male elephants, and a momma and baby.  You can walk up on a walkway that takes you across the entire habitat and lets you see the elephants from above.

It was a beautiful day and a wonderful morning.  We finished in the zoo, stopped by the gift shop for a shirt that said "I Fed the Giraffe at the OKC Zoo!" for Chrissy, and headed out to the RV for a quick lunch and to check on Jim.  Then we were on to Science Museum Oklahoma.

Check out the rest of our pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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