Oklahoma City, OK - Day 1 - 03/27/2012 - Part 2

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Jim on a bed of nails

This is the second part of our day in Oklahoma City, and we went to Science Museum Oklahoma after lunch and checking in on Jim.  He was feeling much better, so he decided to join us at the science museum.

The mighty mouth

This was another really nice museum, and really big, too.  There was a construction area where you could choose from Legos, blocks, or even plastic cups to create your building.  There was a large indoor play area built around a tree with a tree house.  There was a whole section on constructing your own experiments, as well as one on space travel.

An open touch tank

I think Michael's favorite part, without a doubt, was the Ride a Segway course.  You could ride an actual Segway through an obstacle course - he was in heaven.  Many of you may know of Michael's fascination with Segways.  He wants one really bad (get a job!).  We played a joke on him on his birthday...we got him all excited thinking he had gotten a Segway for him.  What we really got was a Lego Segway, like this, except his had a mall cop-looking guy on it:
Lego Segway

ANYWAY, he was really excited to ride it, so of course I took a video.  It was the museum's policy to have an employee with each person as they rode the Segway, for safety reasons.  So that's why the man was running around with him the whole time.

The girls rode, too.  The employee tried hard to get me and Jim on it, but nah... we wanted Michael to have his moment.

Ride the tornado

We also experienced the force of tornado winds, experimented with weather forecasting, and felt what a real earthquake was like.  Michael, Jim and I also tried out a bed of nails - it was surprisingly comfortable!  The maze of mirrors was a lot of fun, too.

We were tempted to come back another day, but decided against it since we still needed to get to the capital and head on into Texas tomorrow.

More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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