San Antonio, TX - Day 1 - 03/03/2012

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At the side entrance of the Alamo
Today we went to San Antonio, Texas, to visit the Alamo and River Walk area.  The story of the Alamo was still fresh in our minds from the visit to the capitol, so it was really neat to be there.  Even better, the first Saturday of every month there are special demonstrations at the Alamo.  So today there were actors in costume from the time period, as well as actors portraying the important players from the 13 day siege on the Alamo.  Davy Crockett was there, as well as William Travis, the commander of the Texans, and Santa Anna, the leader of Mexico.

On the door to the Alamo
The Alamo was originally a mission, but later became the center of the community, and then later used as a fortress for the battle.  The do not allow pictures inside because of the nature of the place and that so many men died fighting for their freedom there.  All of the names of those who died are on plaques inside.  Details of the battle and a large diorama are in there as well.  The one room where the women and children, who were survivors, huddled during the battle.  It is very sobering to think that men stood on these grounds and fought to the death for something they believed in.

Davy Crockett & Jim Bowie
While we were at the Alamo, we met up with another of my cousins, Brian Taylor, and his little girl, Hailey.  Brian is in the Army and stationed in San Antonio.  Hailey is almost three and is a hoot!  She cracks us up.  She actually reminds me of Chrissy when she was that age.  A party looking for a place to happen.  I told Brian he could just take notes on Chrissy because that's how Hailey would probably be.

Brian & Hailey

After touring the grounds, we went to the Rivercenter Mall, located across the street.  The IMAX theater there was showing ALAMO: The Price of Freedom, which detailed the battle and what they went through, all based on historical accounts and facts.  It wasn't a long film, which was good for Hailey, but it was very intense.  I think Michael was especially surprised at the cold-hearted Santa Anna, who had no concern for his own troops or the cost of a battle.  It made everything even more real.  There is nothing like being in the middle of history to learn it.


After the IMAX film, we went into the mall to find a boat ride to tour the River Walk area. The San Antonio River Walk is a park area lined with shops, restaurants, hotels, and other attractions.  A man made portion was built onto the San Antonio River as a tourist attraction and has grown through the years.  It is a neat way to tour the downtown area.  The boat ride lasted about thirty minutes and featured a knowledgeable guide that pointed out architecture and history of the area.

The River Walk boat tour
After the boat tour, we were all worn out.  So we loaded up and headed to Brian's house to visit and relax for a while.  The girls really enjoyed playing with Hailey, so this gave them additional time together.  Brian has WiFi and Direct TV, so Michael was happy.

Hailey & Lisa
It was a great day, and we are looking forward to another great day tomorrow.

More pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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