Shamrock, TX & Into Oklahoma - 03/26/2012

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The town from Cars on Route 66!

Today was a simple travel day, for a couple of reasons.  One there was a little town we wanted to stop briefly in, Shamrock, Texas.  Two, Rachael was most definitely sick and I wasn't feeling so great, either.  But illness aside, we were still heading towards Oklahoma.

Shamrock, Texas, was a little tiny town off of the interstate on the historic Route 66.  Part of the downtown area had been renovated to look like the town from the movie Cars on Route 66.  We heard about it from someone on the road, and thought it would be worth checking out.  It actually looked pretty neat - at least as far as I could tell from the pictures.  I stayed in the RV with Chrissy and Rachael, so Jim and Michael went out exploring alone.

Ft. Elliot - the home of the Buffalo Soldiers
While they were out in Shamrock, they found a neat little museum with historical memorabilia from the area.  I wish I could give you more details about it, but alas, I was literally asleep.  Don't worry, the door was locked and Sam kept watch.

We made Michael write those sentences (just kidding!)

After the quick stop in Shamrock, we crossed on into Oklahoma and stopped at the visitor's center, which Jim was able to get a lot of information from.  Then we went on into Oklahoma City.  Tomorrow our plan is to hit the zoo and science museum.  Fortunately, they are right next door to each other.

Oklahoma state line!

A few more pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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