Tombstone, AZ - 03/10/2012

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Looking down Allen Street at the OK Corral in Tombstone, AZ

So Tombstone is probably the coolest cowboy town EVER.  It is the location of the famed gunfight at the OK Corral, between the Earps and Clantons and McClaurys.  It was about thirty minutes away from Ft. Hauchuca, so of course we had to go!

Saddle used by Kurt Russel in the movie Tombstone
The first thing we did, besides take a bunch of pictures, was head into the OK Corral Museum and Historama.  The Historama showed a history of Tombstone itself and what made it famous.  Founded because of a new silver mine, there is more to Tombstone than just a famous gunfight.

Michael Kicking back
After the Historama, we toured the OK Corral, which was set up to what it was like in the 1800s.  Horse stables, blacksmith, and undertaker were all in the corral. The actual gunfight took place on an empty lot just behind the corral itself.  You could watch life-size figures reinact the battle.  Daily, there is a live reinactment of the time leading up to the battle and the gunfight itself.  So we watched that, of course!

Part of the gunfight reinactment
The actors in this reinactment were amazing!  You really felt like you were watching the Cowboys and the Earps.  The gunfight, only thirty seconds long, left Tom and Frank McClary and  Billy Clanton dead.  Both Morgan and Virgil Earp, as well as Doc Holliday, were injured, but survived.  Wyatt Earp was not harmed.

The kids with Wyatt, Morgan, & Virgil Earp

After the show, you could take pictures with the 'Earps', so we did.  Very cool!

In the newspaper office with equipment from the 1800s

Also included in the ticket to the museum and gunfight was a tour of the Tombstone Epitaph, the local newspaper.  We also got a copy of the newspaper from the day of the gunfight and detailing the events.

Enjoying ice cream at the Snack Corral

After we toured all of these places, we walked up and down the boardwalk sidewalks of the town.  Classic, dusty, wild-west cowboy town!  We enjoyed shopping and looking at all the sites.

The graves of Tom & Frank McLaury and Billy Clanton

On the way out of Tombstone, we stopped at the Boothill Graveyard.  This is the place where a lot of locals and cowboys were buried.  The McLaurys and Clantons are buried here.  People were buried here up until the 1930s.  Some are simple graves, and others are more ornate and fenced in.

We highly recommend a visit to Tombstone and the Boothill Graveyard if you are ever in the area!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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