Tucson, AZ - 03/11/2012

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Today we drove into Tucson.  It is just a short stay, as we are really looking forward to seeing our friends and family in Phoenix!

Jim and the kids with David and Jennifer
At our church, there is a very nice couple named Larry and Jane Jobe.  Jane has a brother, named David, that lives in the Tucson area.  She and Larry had hoped to make it out to see him this past fall, but they weren't able to.  So since we would be passing right by, we offered to stop in and say hello to David and his wife, Jennifer, for her.  Mrs. Jane was thrilled and gave us a few things to take to him.  So when we pulled into Tucson, that was where we headed.

David and Jennifer live in a very nice community for older adults.  They were super nice people and very interesting to talk to.  David was in the Navy, and has done all sorts of neat things in meteorology.  He actually met his wife, Jennifer, in New Zealand.  They have been married more than 45 years - an inspiration these days!

Part of the boneyard
After visiting for a while, and touring their community, we headed over to David-Monthan Air Force Base.  This base is where used airplanes and helicopters get 'put out to pasture,' so to speak.  This is know as the boneyard.  The dry climate of Tucson makes this an ideal place for aircraft storage, as it greatly reduces corrosion.

An old Air Force Two

You can drive miles around the boneyard area of the Air Force base.  It's row after row of aircraft.  Interesting to see all of those planes and helicopters lined up. One was even an old Air Force Two airplane.

A C-130
There is also a really nice aircraft display at the front gate of the base.  We looked at all of the different aircraft, where they had been, and what they were used for.

The campground here, Agave Gulch FamCamp, has won the Camper's Choice award for the past five years.  So, we were really excited to catch up on laundry and watch The Apprentice, and kick back at the campground!

Tomorrow we are headed into the Phoenix area - San Tan Valley, to be exact!  Can't wait to see our friends the Langleys!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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