Vicksburg, MS - 04/02/2012

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Today we ventured into Vicksburg, Mississippi.  Vicksburg is a pretty little southern town, full of Civil War history.  The Siege of Vicksburg is considered by many as a turning point in the war.  Grant's initial assaults failed, but after tirelessly attacking the city on the hill, Vicksburg surrendered.  This, along with having taken control of the Mississippi, along with numerous other victories, gave the Union forces the edge against the Confederacy.  There were many sad stories about brother fighting against brother here...

The Ohio Monument

The Vicksburg National Military Park has over 1,300 monuments and markers honoring the veterans that fought on both sides of the battle.  There is a cemetery with over 18,000 burials.

Since it was towards the end of the day, we spent most of our visit in the Visitor's Center.  There was a great movie about the siege.  The displays included commanders' tents and what it would have looked like fighting from the city's hilltops.
Learning about cannons

We did talk with a park ranger about the different types of cannons used in the battles.  He took a lot of time with the kids explaining about the grooves inside the cannon and how that affected the distance and accuracy that the cannon could fire.  Super nice guy.

The heavy rains had knocked down a large tree, so you couldn't drive the 16 mile trail through the park.  Tomorrow we plan on coming back to tour the driving trail and the USS Cairo.  The USS Cairo was the first ship in US history to be sunk by a torpedo or mine.  It should be interesting.

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