Here and there and Virginia - 09/27/2012

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Breakfast in the RV

Today was basically another travel day for us.  We passed quickly through South Carolina and North Carolina, although we did stop at the South Carolina Visitor's Center, and made it into Virginia.

Michael & Chrissy and their breakfast

The Virginia Welcome Center had the nicest lady working there, and we are so glad we stopped.  She told us about the Skyline Drive - the 2nd most scenic drive in the country - and Monticello.

We knew Thomas Jefferson's Monticello was in Virginia, but I guess in my head I thought it was closer to Washington, D.C.  Turns out it is right on our way to Jim's sister's house!  But we wouldn't have figured that out had we not stopped.
Broken Flip-flop - Mom's fault

Unfortunately, I stepped on Michael's flip flop and it broke.  He had to walk with it that way until we got back to the RV.  That's why he has a not-pleasant look on his face in some of the pictures. 

So we planned our day tomorrow to center around Monticello and the Skyline Drive.  We are planning on getting together with Aunt Betsy on Saturday.

There are a few more pictures - including Michael picking noses again - in the Photo Gallery, so check them out.

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