Middletown, VA - 09/30/2012

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Welcome to Middletown!

This morning we went out to breakfast with Betsy and her husband, Mark.  There is a little diner right down the street from their house and we had an excellent breakfast on scrambled eggs, French toast sticks, and hash browns.  Of course, Miss Picky (Rachael) wouldn't eat her toast because it wasn't plain, so she had donuts from the convenience store (we are champion parents).  The rest of us were loving the meal!

Belle Grove Plantation

After starting laundry at Betsy's, we went to Belle Grove Plantation.  This plantation belonged to the sister of President James Madison and her family.  It sits on acres and acres of beautiful land that once included 8,000 acres and over 100 slaves.  It was used as headquarters for the Union Army during the Civil War, as well, during the battle of Cedar Creek.

Jim and the Park Ranger, Kyle

The home is currently undergoing renovations to restore it to the most accurate form as it was in its prime.  We took a tour of the home, and then listened to a Ranger program detailing the battle and the history of them home and the area.  The Park Ranger, Kyle, was very enthusiastic about his talk and had a wealth of knowledge to share.

The Wayside Inn

After the plantation,  we visited some of the other historical sites in the area.  The Wayside Inn is the oldest continually operated motel in the country, established in 1797.

The wooden surgical house

Two doors down from where Betsy lives is part of the battlefield.  There's a little wooden house that sits there that was used as a field hospital and surgeries were performed there.  Behind it is part of the battlefield.  Betsy took us metal-detecting back there to see if we could find any Civil War relics.  We didn't, but we all had a great time anyway.  It really was fun!

Digging up a treasure (scrap metal)

Rain moved in so we went to the RV for dinner and Betsy joined us.  It was a fun, educational day.

Tomorrow we are heading out, and going towards Gettysburg, PA.

More pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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