So just where are we?

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As you may remember, we were supposed to start this trip to New England last Friday, September 21st.  Well, things didn't turn out that way.

We were ready to go Saturday when a mechanical problem decided to rear its ugly head.  A sensor telling the engine that the parking brake was off decided to not work.  No big deal since we knew the parking brake was really off, except for the super annoying alarm that continued to go off.

The part the sensor is attached to

The next setback was from good 'ole kidney stones.  Poor Jim had to go to the ER, but eventually felt better and passed the stones.  Thank goodness that happened at home!

Tuesday we finished getting the part fixed and tied up loose ends, and today's schedule includes flu shots for everyone before we get on the road.  So it will be this afternoon before we leave.  Pray for us as we get started!

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