Albany, NY - 10/12/2012

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The New York State Capitol

Today we visited the New York state capitol building.  It looks like a castle on the outside!  We weren't able to do a tour, so we wandered around on our own.  We didn't have too long because the building was about to close.

The million dollar skylight

On the Senate side of the building, they have recently finished restoring the skylights.  There are two parts to the skylights: one part is made of traditional skylights, and the second is a glass window that filters the natural sunlight and gives it a soft glow.  They call it the million dollar skylight.

Beautiful staircase under the skylight

On the General Assembly side, the skylight restoration process is almost complete and should be open next month.  There was a beautiful stained glass ceiling in one part.

Beautiful staircase

They also had a display of New York battle flags, with a film showing how the restoration and preservation process of the flags works.

Stained glass ceiling

It was a short trip but we still had fun and learned!  More photos in the Photo Gallery!

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