Augusta, ME - 10/19/2012

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The Maine capitol was on the agenda for today, along with the State Museum.  The Maine capitol reminded us a lot of the Tennessee capitol building in Nashville.  We did a self-guided tour since we had missed the morning guided tours.

Reminds me of the view from the TN capitol

The rotunda was accessible on one floor, along with the viewing galleries for the House and Senate.  The House Chamber had a meeting going on (not a session) as well as some renovations, so we didn't get to go in there.  The Senate Chamber was open though, so we got some good pictures in there.

The Senate Chamber

After our capitol tour, we crossed the street to the State Museum.  This museum traces the history of Maine and its industries and people.  There was a part of a ship, the St. Mary, that shipwrecked on its maiden voyage near the southern tip of South America. It laid there until 1978 when the museum helped return it to Maine and place it in the museum.  There were also trains and an exhibit on ice pickers.

The bottom levels had a "Made in Maine" section, which detailed all the things that people in Maine made and used throughout the state's history. There were several items that Jim and I both had growing up.  For instance, there was a desk that Jim had as a kid.

Jim and his desk

Plants native to Maine

There was another whole section on Malaga Island, which lies on the coast of Maine.  This island was a fishing community and fairly self-sufficient.  In the early 1900s, those on the mainland thought that these people were poor or criminals because of their genetic makeup.  It was a largely mixed-race population, as well.  So, to prevent the population from growing, the Maine government forced everyone off the island in 1912.  It is a sad story, and if you'd like to read more, check out this web site.

We enjoyed both places we visited today!  More pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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