Boston, MA - Day 1 - 10/25/2012

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Welcome to Massachusetts!

Today we finished our drive to Boston.  We passed through New Hampshire and into Massachusetts.  We are staying at the campground at Hanscom Air Force Base.  Once we got settled in and picked up a rental car (I would NOT drive the RV into Boston!), we had just enough time to go over to the Minuteman National Historical Park.

The British are coming!

This historical park lies along the path where the first battles of the American Revolution took place, starting near the Old North Bridge and running between Concord and Lexington.  This visitor's center provided us with a lot of information on the beginning of the Revolution.  They had a short movie, as many visitor's centers do, about the area and its significance.  The neat thing about this movie was that it was a multimedia show.  There were several screens, a map that lit up, and replica of the Old North Church where the two lanterns were hung to signal 'two if by sea,' plus other features that are little more difficult to describe.  Overall, it was if you were sitting in the tavern talking to the Patriots.  It was really neat and very educational.  It got a good discussion going with the kids about the Revolution and the people who had the courage to fight for liberty.

Shopping time

When we finished there, we had enough time to do a little bit of shopping at the military base exchange (shopping store) and the commissary (grocery store).  The kids love to shop there, although I'm not sure why!

Tomorrow we are going into Boston to check out all of the historical sights.

More pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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