Boston, MA - Day 2 - 10/26/2012

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Paul Revere statue

Today we drove into Boston in the rental car.  Some people had advised us to park at a train station and ride the train into the city, but someone else suggested we park at the Coast Guard station down there and walk around.  So that's the option we went with.  We pulled into the gate with our ID cards, and the guard promptly kept mine.  Apparently, mine had expired a few months ago and the guards are required to keep any expired cards.  This was an inconvenience, not a problem.  They had an ID card office there so we went in and got a new one for me.

Inside the Old North Church

Once that was taken car of, we headed into the city.  Our first stop was at a statue of Paul Revere, the statesman who is famous for his "Midnight Ride" during the beginning of the American Revolution.   Adjacent to this park was the Old North Church.  This is the church where the lanterns were hung that alerted the countryside that the British soldiers were on the way.  The church is still an active Presbyterian church.  Instead of pews, there are family boxes.  Back in the early days of the church, families had to purchase their boxes.

At Paul Revere's House

From the church, we followed The Freedom Trail through the city to other historic sights.  The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile brick trail throughout the city that connects to sixteen historic sights, from graveyards to meeting houses.  We stopped briefly at Paul Revere's house, where his famous ride began.  We continued on towards the current State House (Capitol).

State House

The Massachusetts State House is a beautiful building with a gold dome.  We had time, and were on time, for a tour.  The tour started in the Hall of Nurses, which honors all nurses.  The Hall of Flags  used to be an open courtyard area, but in 1990 it was enclosed by the governor's wife to have a meeting space/reception hall for the governor's use since there isn't a governor's mansion.  There were beautiful stained glass windows throughout.

Mitt Romeny's portrait

Lucky Cod

One interesting thing in the House of Representatives was the 'Lucky Cod.'  The lucky cod hangs in the balcony of the House Chamber.  It has been tradition for the house to not meet unless the cod was there.  In the 1930s, some Harvard students took the cod.  When it was later discovered that Harvard students had taken it, the dean threatened whoever was responsible with expulsion.  Miraculously, overnight, the cod appeared on the front lawn of the police department.  It's been there ever since.


When we finished at the capitol, we walked a few blocks down to the bar where the idea for the TV show "Cheers" was born.  There are two parts to the bar.  All of the outside shots for the show were filmed outside of the downstairs part.  Inside here is a bar.  It was smaller than we expected.  Upstairs was a duplicate of the set used on the show, just on a smaller scale.  Since they had seating apart from the bar area, we decided to eat dinner hear.  It was something unique to Boston!  The food was fabulous and very reasonable.  We took pictures around the place before we left.

He's drinking water, FYI

After dinner, we started back towards where we parked.  In the Little Italy section, near some of the historic sights, there is a place called Mike's Pastry.  They are famous in Boston for their cannolis.  They come in a bunch of different flavors, from creme filled to chocolate covered, which is what we got.  They were huge!  We all shared the first one and saved the second one for later.

After we got back to the car, we decided we still had enough time to go to the Museum of Science since it was open until 9 PM.  This place was so big... we had about an hour and a half, and we only got to see one wing.  There were at least two others we didn't get to see.  We might try to get back by there before we leave Boston, but a lot depends on the approaching hurricane, "Sandy."

More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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