Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada - 10/22/2012

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Our RV with a view

Oh what a day!  We woke up on the beautiful Campobello Island this morning with American Bald Eagles flying by!  Our friend's lot sits on a cliff overlooking the water.  The eagles nest nearby and fly by throughout the day.  During the summer, whale sightings are not uncommon, although I think it is too late in the year for us to catch a glimpse of them.

American Bald Eagle

Our friend has some friends here locally on the island.  Their names are Michael and Angela Calder, and they graciously loaned us their car for us to drive around the island.  What a huge blessing that was!

Inside the FDR Campobello International Park

We started our day by going to the Roosevelt Campobello International Park.  This is the only park in the world to lie entirely in one country and be governed by two countries.  Canada and the United States share the responsibility for running the park.

In front of the cottage

As a child, Franklin Delano Roosevelt came to Campobello Island for the summer and this practice continued into adulthood and after his marriage to Eleanor.  Roosevelt called Campobello his "beloved island."  Their annual visits continued until 1921 when Roosevelt was stricken with polio.  His last visit to the island was as President in 1936.  Eleanor continued to visit the island, even after their 'cottage' (really it's mansion-sized) home was sold, up until the year of her death in 1962.

The beach area behind the cottage

The cottage has 34 rooms, 18 of which are bedrooms and 6 are bathrooms.  It overlooks the water where Roosevelt sailed and fished as a child.  We didn't get to go in the cottage because it had closed for the season just last week.  We did walk down to the water, though.

Mulholland Lighthouse

After the Roosevelt park, we drove to the nearby Mulholland Lighthouse. This small lighthouse sits near the FDR bridge that spans "the narrows" between the US and Canada.  It isn't open for tours but you can explore the grounds.

Notice the stairs in the water

Next we went to the East Quoddy Lighthouse.  This is the most photographed lighthouse in New Brunswick.  The interesting part about this lighthouse is that it is only accessible at low tide.  During the rapidly rising high tides of Campobello, the staircase that allows access to the lighthouse is submerged in water.  The Bay of Fundy is known for its high variances in tides, in some places being up to a fifty-foot difference between high and low tides.  Since we made the trip during high tide, we didn't make it over to the lighthouse, but we did get some interesting pictures of the staircases!

Running from the tide

Next we traveled over to Herring Cove Beach in Herring Cove Provincial Park.    This park has a campground, golf course, and playground in addition to the mile-long stretch of pebbled beach.  We watched the sun go down here, searched for neat pebbles and shells, and the kids let the incoming tide chase them back from the water's edge.  The sound of the crashing waves brought to me that peaceful feeling like only the beach can.

We headed back to the Calder's home, to return the vehicle, and they gave us hot chocolate and convinced us to stay another day.  So tomorrow will be another adventure/exploring day here on Campobello!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery!  Campobello is a beautiful place so take a look!

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