Concord, NH - 10/17/2012

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New Hampshire State Line

Most of today was spent driving into New Hampshire.  We did get to the capitol before it closed, though.  I have to say that once we crossed the state line, the trees began to really show some color.  There were beautiful golds, oranges, and reds.  I'm not sure why Vermont's colors weren't as vivid; maybe it was just because the weather was yucky the majority of the time we were there.

The State House in New Hampshire was a small, compacted little capitol building, but very pretty.  They had their replica Liberty Bell on display outside like several other capitols do.

House Chamber

The House of Representatives has 400 members - more than any other state!  This is a surprise for a state so small.  Each representative represents only about 3,000 people.  Their chamber is shaped much like an amphitheater.

Franklin Pierce

Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States, is the only President from New Hampshire, and he is honored out in front of the capitol with a statue.  We took a lot of pictures outside just because the weather was so nice and the leaves so gorgeous.

More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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