Gettysburg, PA - 10/02/2012

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Gettysburg National Military Park

Today, after homework and paying bills, we headed to Gettysburg National Military Park.  This park covers about 4000 acres near the town of Gettysburg.  The bloody, three-day battle in 1863 is regarded as the turning point in the Civil War, where the North finally began to have the upper hand over the South.  Months later, 20,000 to 30,000 people turned out to hear Abraham Lincoln's speech - the Gettysburg Address - at the dedication of the National Cemetery.

The kids watching the Cyclorama presentation

The new Visitor's Center was opened in 2008.  It houses the Gettysburg Cyclorama painting, where they make it come alive in a multi-media presentation.

Robert E. Lee's bed and writing desk

There is also a movie theater, and the Gettysburg Museum of the Civil War, which is over 22,000 square feet of exhibit space.  There are relics from the war and different personalities from the war.  They have a writing desk, bed, and chest that traveled with Robert E. Lee.

At the Battlefield

The Visitor's Center also gives you the options for touring the battlefield.  You can board a tour bus, hire a private guide, or do an audio tour with CDs available in the gift shop.  This is the option we chose since it gave us the most flexibility in being able to stop and take pictures along the way.

The audio tour guided us throughout the battlefield, noting important and interesting sites along the way.  There are memorials to many of the groups who fought in the battles, to both Union and Confederate soldiers.

The Eternal Light Peace Monument

One interesting monument is to peace.  The Eternal Light Peace monument was dedicated in 1938 honoring the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.  It sits on a hill and is visible from 20 miles away.

We learned a lot (as always) and enjoyed our visit.  We were glad we didn't let the rain deter us; it seemed almost fitting for the battlefield setting.

Bob Evan - Yum!

Our last event of the day was to drive to the town of York, PA, to take the kids to Bob Evans.  They absolutely love Bob Evans, and there aren't any in Georgia.  They get really excited when we see them on the road, so we try to take them when we can.  Plus, Tuesdays are "Kids Eat Free" nights, so it worked out well.  We were all happy campers!

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More pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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