Leaving Campobello - 10/24/2012

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The kids with Michael and Angela Calder

Today we pulled out of Campobello Island.  Before we did, though, Michael and Angela Calder came by to say goodbye.  They and their family have been so wonderful to us...definitely a plus on this trip!

Stairs to somewhere at low tide

We went over to the East Quoddy Lighthouse to see if the tide was low enough for us to make it over to it and look around.  The tide was low and beach was exposed.  However, there was a ton of seaweed on the rocks and we were concerned about someone slipping and falling, so we opted to not risk it.  We did get a picture of the stairs while it looked like the lead somewhere!

West Quoddy Lighthouse in Lubec, Maine

Once we made it through customs on the US side, we headed to the West Quoddy Lighthouse in Lubec, Maine.  The lighthouse is a pretty red and white striped pattern.  But the neatest part of this property is the geographical location.  This lighthouse is the eastern-most point of the continental United States! There is a marker there, kind of like the one in Key West for the southern-most point.

Easternmost Point in the USA

We knew there was a museum to visit, but it had already closed for the season, much like everything else in this area of the country.  We looked out into the water and saw a whirlpool, which was pretty neat.  We took videos and pictures of it.

The whirlpool

Since we had done all we could do there, we took some pictures and headed on our way towards Boston.

Check out the pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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