Montpilier, VT - 10/16/2012

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Vermont's State House

Today we started out with a visit to the State House, Vermont's state capitol building.  Unlike most other states we have been to, there were no metal detectors or screening of any kind in the building.  When we walked in, we were greeted by a tour guide and got started right away with our tour.

Original Chandeliers

The capitol building is the third one for the state, the first one having been outgrown, and the second burnt down.  As part of the prevention against another fire, cast iron stairs were installed in the building.  In both the House and Senate, the original desks, woodworking, and chandeliers are all original.

Cedar Creek Room and painting

There was a room called the Cedar Creek Room, and in it hangs a huge painting about the Battle of Cedar Creek - the very same battlefield we visited in Virginia!  It was neat to be able to make a connection like that.

After the capitol, we drove up to Stowe where the Trapp Family Lodge is.  The Trapp family is the von Trapp family from the movie "The Sound of Music."  The lodge sits at the top of a mountain with a spectacular view of the surrounding valley.

The property is beautiful, too, with several different areas for guests to stay and play any sort of outdoor activity that they might choose.  We took pictures and looked around, but we didn't do a tour because we had already missed it for the day, and there wouldn't be another tour for several days.

Last, but not least, we visited to the Morse Family Farm where fresh, real maple syrup is made.  There is only about a two month window each year where you can tap the sap and make the syrup, so we didn't get the chance to see it made.  They had a "Woodshed Theater" where you could watch a video that explains the process of making maple syrup and another room where the syrup equipment is and the syrup is actually made there.  We learned how they use plastic tubing to run sap from each tree to tanks, instead of putting buckets under the tap like it used to be done.

Otis and her cup

We shopped in their store, but another fun part was their goat.  The female goat, named Otis, will perform for food.  When people walk up to her pen, she will walk a ramp to a platform, wait for you to put food in a cup, and then she pulls the cup up to her and eats the food out of it.  She then is supposed to do a little dance, but she didn't perform that for us.  But watching her pull that cup up was hilarious.

It was a busy, full, and fun day.  Tomorrow we head into New Hampshire!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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