Rainy Day in Rochester, NY - 10/07/2012

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Today we went to church at Journey Christian Church located in Rochester, NY.  It was a great service, and they even had baby dedications this morning.  It was really sweet.

After talking to some very nice people, we wanted to go to the local Camping World to see what they had that we just couldn't live without.  While we were there, we got a new windshield wiper for the passenger side.  It was just time to replace it, and with all the rain we've been traveling with, it was a good idea too.

Working on the wiper repair

Once Jim got that changed, he tightened up a nut on the other one, and the pin that holds it in place broke.  So now Jim had to completely repair that.  Thankfully, he had all the tools and parts he needed to do the job.  I hated it for him that it was raining!

Mr. Fix-it

So with church, the store, and the broken wiper repair, that was pretty much our day.  Tomorrow hopefully we will make it to Niagara Falls!

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