Syracuse, NY - 10/11/2012

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The Erie Canal Museum

Today we went to the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse, New York.  The Erie Canal was dug to have a quicker route between Albany, at the Hudson River, and Buffalo at Lake Erie.  The canal was no longer used after 1918 when it was replaced by the New York State Barge Canal.

Part of the remaining lock and weigh house

The museum guide was very helpful and informative.  The museum is built from the only remaining lock and weigh house, and has a boat that you can go in to see how the boats were that traveled the canal.

Inventor of the traffic light
Inventor of lacrosse

The museum also has a cultural display of items from the Syracuse area.  Folk artist Elizabeth Cotten, who played a guitar upside down and left handed, is from the area.  The inventors of the traffic light and and the game of lacrosse were also from Syracuse.  It is a town with a lot of history.

We enjoyed our visit! More pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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