Waterbury, VT - 10/15/2012

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Oh yeah!

Today we spent the morning driving, but in the afternoon we made it to Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory tour.  This company was started in 1978 after taking a correspondence course on making ice cream and has only grown from there.  The Waterbury factory is one of two the company has.

Where the tour starts

The tour began with a short film about the history of the company.  Then we were taken out to a level that overlooks the production floor - where pictures weren't allowed.  It was neat to see the pint containers filled and capped right there.  It was interesting to see at which stages the swirls and chunks are added in.

Free Samples!


Everyone's favorite part of the tour was the part with the free samples.  Today's sample was a cookies and cream with chocolate chip cookie dough pieces in it.  It was reeeaaalllly good.  I wish I could have taken pictures of Rachael's face as they were describing what was in the ice cream...priceless.  I think it was her favorite thing ever.

Phish Food

Chocolate goodness

She ate every bite

After a quick trip to the gift shop for postcards, we went to their scoop shop so the kids could get a regular ice cream cone.  Michael and Chrissy got plain chocolate - which they both said was the best they'd ever had - and Rachael got Phish Food, which she loved.

The Flavor Graveyard
Holy Cannoli

Makin' Whoopie Pie

We briefly toured the Flavor Graveyard, where bad flavors go to die, or where popular ones are taken off the market. 

It was a neat stop and a great way to experience something truly "Vermont."

TONS of pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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